Jilin University is one among the leading universities in China thanks to its excellent contribution within the medical field. This clinic directly falls under the supervision of the Ministry of education, China. The amazing teaching technique and intensive practical training are the main attractions for the scholars . The world-class infrastructure brings them 10th rank among the highest 100 universities in China. 


Now this university is home for 71, 920 students, 6524 faculties and lots of renowned academicians. the schools laid out the entire medical training in English. Another striking feature that's the main attraction of the candidates is that the scholarship facility. The Scholarship facility is given to the deserving, brilliant candidates. Moreover, the multi-cultural aspects of this university make a robust bond among the scholars . they need simplified their admission process for the advantages of the scholars . On the opposite hand, the scholars are offered world-class amenities here. the schools provide ample opportunities to the scholars through international seminars, events. It helps the candidates to urge real experience and international exposure. the simplest study environment is provided to the scholars for enriching their medical knowledge. aside from this, the flexible curriculum, advanced learning facilities make this university unique and different from others.


Jilin University may be a public university established in 1946 in Changchun, China. The university is one among the leading research universities approved by Chinese Education Ministry. The President of the university is Prof. Li Yuanyuan and there are quite 16000 administrative staffs within the university. Around 70000 students are enrolled with the University of Jilin. Jilin University is recognized by the MCI and therefore the WHO also as recommended by KMC EDUCATION CONSULTANCY to the Indian Students for quality medical education. For Indian MBBS students the Jilin University facilitates the successful path.






Chinese Medical Courses will take six years to finish . Five years’ worth of classroom training where they're going to get all the relevant training. Practical preparation will go hand in hand with an apprenticeship that lasts for a year. But, once the classroom programs are over, that begins. The apprenticeship will provide hand-on experience in surgeries, operation and other relevant training to assist them affect any circumstances. this may also give them the exposure they require.





The intake capacity of the highest Medical Universities in China has limited seats as of the top of June/July. the scholars that they're taking in hail from different places round the globe. With top-class infrastructure, low-budget, and a various culture, these universities are providing a secure and secure space for his or her overseas students. Apply for the schools as soon as possible before they run out of seats.





Applicants must come in their education from the STEM history with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


The aggregate score should be 70 percent altogether of the above-mentioned subjects Two years of study experience of the subsequent subjects are required.


They must be fluent in English and will be ready to communicate accordingly.



The upper age and lower regulation for eligibility are 25 and 17 respectively.






The Medium of Teaching is primarily English but students are likely to receive training of Chinese language for a year since the schools believe that hey will excel better in Regional education and work, including Chinese language skills. But that's only limited for the primary year because the remainder of their training is conducted in English. it's going to sound intimidating but it really isn't .


  • Top-ranked laboratories

  • Modern library and reference center

  • Sophisticated teaching hospitals

  • Best Teacher-student Ratio






Step 1


Check out the subsequent Documents Required to use in Jilin University:


  1. Application Form

  2. One passport size photo

  3. 11th & 12th standards marksheets published by the relevant board or education council. School Leaving Certificate

  4. Certificates of sophistication 11th & 12th from the concerned board or council of education Scanned copies of a legitimate passport including the photo page.

  5. All the above documents must be notarized and attested from the relevant authorities. Extra-curricular activity certificates (in the sector of study, sports, volunteering, dancing, drama, etc.)



Step 2


Once you've got submitted all of the documents, KMC EDUCATION CONSULTANCY will carefully assess and send them to the Admission Committee for International Students of the actual University you've got chosen.


Step 3


The student is required to pay the appliance , admission, and processing fees as per the University norms. the appliance and therefore the processing fee need be paid beforehand .


Step 4


The processing fees are often sent to China or India, whichever is earlier.



Step 5


After receiving the payment, we'll roll in the hay all for you and send you the official photocopy of your Admission Letter issued by the University within seven working days. Also, we process your documents to the ministry of education in China for the issuance of the JW2O2 form that's required by the Chinese embassy in your country to issue a Student Visa. The documents are going to be dispatched to you by express or FedEx.


Step 6


Once these documents are received- the Admission Letter and therefore the JW2O2 Form (visa form) - the scholar visa process are often commenced in association together with your nearest Embassy/Consulate of China in your country. Documents required applying for the visa are:


A valid passport


Recent passport size photographs


Visa form


JW202 Form (Don't forget to bring the first copy while coming to China)


Admission Letter issued by the University.


Health Check-up Form / Physical Examination Record



Step 7


After receiving the Visa, inform us rightly, and that we will arrange the Air Tickets and inform you about the date and time of your Departure from your Country.


Step 8


Our representative will receive you at the airport after you arrive in China, and will direct you to the University Hostel. Next morning, the representative also will assist you in paying the Admission and Administrative fees at the University counter, wherein you'll be joining the MBBS program.


Step 9


The Student won't need to face any problem because he/she are going to be guided until our Representatives Complete the whole Process.


Step 10


It takes around a month from the time you receive the letter of entry from us to your country issuing your China Visa.



Jilin University 2699 Qianjin Street Changchun, China 130012






While MBBS in China at Jilin University, you'll enjoy successful career opportunities. KMC EDUCATION CONSULTANCY provides customized support in the selection and accommodation of universities. The Jilin University is recognized by the MCI and therefore the WHO.


World Health Organization (WHO)

Medical Council of India (MCI)

World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)

Chinese Education Ministry





MBBS Fees in China won't affect your educational budget because it's lesser than the fees of the many Indian and International Medical Universities. you'll get admission in MCI approved Chinese MBBS Colleges through a hassle-free admission procedure. We shall allow you to experience an easy and

smooth admission within the top English medium MBBS universities in China at a competitive cost. With our guaranteed services, you'll get direct admission in Chinese MBBS Colleges with none entrance exam .


  • While studying MBBS in China at Jilin University you can get ample advantages;

  • World Class study without Donation

  • Smooth Administration and Admission Procedure

  • Excellent Infrastructure

  • Internship Opportunities and Scholarships

  • Diverse Lifestyle

  • Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio

  • Renowned Faculty

  • Low-cost Accommodation

  • Opportunities for Extra-curricular activities

  • English Medium Studies

  • Earning while Learning





Brief about China: China is that the second largest country within the world by area and therefore the most populous country within the world. the state is that the largest manufacturer and supplier of equipment at competitive prices. it's the leader in several versatile industries, including technology, computer, space and IT industry. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is one among the earliest civilizations within the world. Currently, the state maintains foreign relations with quite 175 countries and 162 embassies. it's also a permanent member of the UN Security Council . it's the foremost sophisticated transportation, which plays a crucial role within the development of the state . It has the largest rail network connecting any Chinese town. it's the third most visited country that signifies its tourism popularity within the world. China emerged as a nation of superpowers with growing international authority. Its quick economic progress has signified China because the largest economy within the world. Having supreme military and population, the state made its mark as a prominent nation at the planet platform.




China, one among the most important economies within the world has slowly garnered popularity as a destination for a medical degree. With the influx in overseas students reaching bent their top-ranked universities, MBBS infrastructure in China has been consolidated to supply quality education. MBBS in China has grown over the years at a rapid rate and therefore the institutes are providing brilliant options for all the scholars who are coming in pursue their medical degrees. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, lower fee structure and accommodation costs, students have more reason to use at Universities here. Chinese medical system is accredited and recognised internationally by WHO and other relevant medical foundations.


Benefits of Studying MBBS in China


No entrance exam before admission

No scopes for bribery and donations



The colleges are funded by the Chinese government which suggests that the schooling fees are low The accommodation expenses also are optimised for college kids.

All the universities in China have a top-class infrastructure On-campus student’s accommodation also available.

The medical degree offered here is accredited by a globally recognised foundation like WHO.

Diverse culture with festivities all around

They accept students from any nationality, colour, gender, sexuality, and have policies of high tolerance.

The students can affect practical cases in top hospitals

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